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AXIS EtO Sterilization Kits

The AXIS EtO system is highly cost effective, easy to use and is compatible with other systems and cabinets

Ethylene oxide ampoules
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High material compatability

Ethylene oxide is safe to use on a wide range of metal, plastic, fabric and rubber items

Ethylene oxide instruments
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ETO Sterilizers / Aerators

clinical sterilizerss
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Indicators and Consumables

A wide range of consumables for your ETO and autoclave

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Dental Practices and Clinics

Axis Sterilizers are perfect for smaller units where space may be an issue

Ethylene oxide sterilization is an excellent, non-corrosive method of sterilizing medical equipment and leaves items in a ready-to-use state.

A wide range of materials can be used with Ethylene oxide, as the items only need to be heated to 54°C, such as;

Scopes, surgical instruments, Tubing and Catheters, Scopes, Electrical Equipment, Syringes, Gowns and Masks, Bandages & Dressings, Plastic and rubber items


T.E.S.T. Ltd offers training with all sterilizers, so that your staff can operate your machine safely and effectively

EtO Sterilization is becoming increasingly popular in Veterinary surgeries for the sterilization of instruments and equipment.

Heat-labile and moisture sentitive items, supplies and equipment, that cannot be processed using steam, are able to be sterilizated using Ethylene oxide

The AXIS system performs aeration in the same chamber, making the process simple and easy to use

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We buy directly from the manufacturer and have expertise in all aspects of medical equipment supply.

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