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Formed and run by clinical and engineering specialists, TEST Ltd has built its reputation on solid service principles. With a a worldwide customer base of Hospitals, Clinics and Veterinary Hospitals our policy of gold standard service means that we offer the complete solution. From supply through to testing, installation, maintenance and validation we offer the complete one stop service.

Our range of eto sterilization cabinets use a unique permeable liner bag system which allows in-chamber aeration, making them simple to load. The EtO gas is supplied in either ampoules, cartridges or canisters, which are easy to handle and activate.

Specialists in Ethylene Oxide Sterilization

All engineers and clinical staff have certification that is relevant to your industry which means that you can be confident that your equipment and sterilization processes will be validated and conform to the strictest of standards.

Remember, our whole infrastructure is based on being experts in medical field which means that we will always have a unique "easy to deal with" philosophy.

Please contact us for more information on medical device validation, testing and machine servicing on 01782 572400

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T.E.S.T. Ltd offer a complete Ethylene oxide sterilization solution.


We deliver ETO Cabinets and gas kits worldwide


T.E.S.T. Ltd can manage the whole process of delivery, installation, validation and servicing your equipment, so that you only need to deal with one supplier

T.E.S.T. has qualified engineers, test persons and clinical staff who are accredited to Government guidelines for the validation of medical devices including:

* Sterilizers and autoclaves
* Endoscopy Reprocessors
* Clean/Wash apparatus inc. ultrasonic baths
* Autoclaves
* Water supplies

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